Fi GPS Included Go Dog Glo Pink Dry Collar™

$226.00 USD

Price includes 1 year subscription + $20 activation fee


Product Description | Fi GPS Included Go Dog Glo Dry Collar

This Fi x Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo Dry Collar™ is a one-of-a-kind GPS unit and waterproof-stink proof collar that allows you to track your dog 24/7 via the Fi app. Designed for dogs on the move, our Go Dog Glo Dry Collar has 3M Scotchlite for extra low light and night time visibility. It sets the standard for hunting, field and water dogs. Constructed from BioThane®, a virtually indestructible material, it also provides excellent flexibility in cold weather. Our Fi x Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo Dry Collar is lightweight, durable, and practically begging to be pushed to the limit.  

This collar includes the Fi GPS unit and 1 year subscription.

  • The subscription is Billed $192 annually + has a one-time $20 activation fee ($212). 
  • Series 3 collars available in 1" or 3/4" width and are available to fit necks from 12" to 30". Collars are adjustable smaller and larger from the neck size you provide.

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  • Offered from a 12" neck size to a 30" neck size
  • Due to the space the the Fi module takes up, larger collar sizes are more adjustable, whereas smaller sizes are less adjustable
    For example - if your dog's neck is 12" - the collar will adjust 11-13". If your dog's neck is 17" - the collar will adjust 16-19"
  • Available in 1” width or 3/4" width

What's included in your membership

  • Series 3 Kit With Stunt Puppy Collar
  • Unlimited AT&T LTE-M connectivity (USA only)
  • Fi Series 3 Extended Warranty
    Unlimited warranty replacements on active memberships
  • Unlimited software updates
    Series 3 keeps getting better
  • Live chat - customer service available 7 days a week
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What happens when a new generation of hardware is released?

When you have an active Fi membership, you don't have to worry about having outdated hardware; you are eligible to upgrade to the latest generation of hardware.

When does my Fi membership start?

Your Fi membership starts when you activate your Fi

Why is Fi a membership?

The Fi membership provides a lower-cost way for customers to try the most advanced technology for their dogs without a high upfront cost. Fi also believes in continuing to deliver new features, analytics, and benefits, and a membership model allows us to continue investing in the best possible customer experience.

Will my Fi membership auto renew?

Yes! You membership will automatically renew in one year.

Will my Fi work internationally?

The Fi Collar can only connect to the AT&T network in the United States. Therefore, while abroad, the collar cannot remotely track your dog or provide GPS/LTE updates, such as Live Tracking/Lost Dog Mode notifications.

What the Press are saying

The longest-lasting tracking device on the market.

The first GPS dog collar that searches for your canine companion without killing the collar's battery.

A nicer, more streamlined design than much of the competition

Your dog will be as happy wearing it as you are knowing they’re in safe hands.