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SALE Croakies® Everyday Leash™
Mossy Oak Camo
SALE Croakies® Everyday Leash™

Cool dogs only

SALE Croakies® Everyday Leash™

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1" wide and five feet long


Mossy Oak Camo



Stunt Puppy teamed up with the legendary Croakies® to create this limited-edition version of their Everyday Leash. Made from Croakies beautiful dye-sublimated webbing, it's soft, smooth and stylish for you and your best friend.

This five foot leash is incredibly versatile, so you can shorten it up as needed, use as a temporary tie-out, or easily convert to waist loop or over-the-shoulder loop; a traffic loop at the base lets you pull your dog close when you need to. Built to last with best-in-class Duraflex® Rock Lockster™ buckle and  swivel snap hook for easy clipping.


Bar Tack Stitching

We don’t glue our materials together or sew like Grandma; we stitch ’em right and tight. This super strong stitch is the same one used on climbing harnesses and firefighters’ gear.

Duraflex® Buckles

Buckles are one of the key safety features in any leash or collar. So when it comes to buckles, we don’t mess around: We use the best ones on the market. Our Weinerlock® collar buckles can handle up to 225 pounds of pull.

Sizing info

Regular: 1" wide and five feet long

“These designs are SO cool!”

Linda, Stunt Puppy customer


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