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Stainless Steel

Adjustable Collar Tag

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CollarTags™ are made of non-magnetic stainless steel .060 thick and bent to match the curve of a dog's neck. If you order the right size, we guarantee it won’t fall off.

Order the 1" size to fit our Dry Collar™, Everyday Collar™, Lumberpup Collar™ or Croakies® Everyday Collar™

Order the 3/4" size to fit our Small Croakies Collar™, Small Lumberpup Collar™ or Small Dry Collar™

Order the 9/16" size to fit our Small Everyday Collar™ or Extra Small Everyday Collar™

If you have any questions on which size tag to select, please email us at

Please note, due to the custom nature of this item, delivery time can be up to two weeks. CollarTags™ ship separate from any additional items ordered. Collar Tags are not returnable, but if we made an error please let us know so we can fix it.

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