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Paws For Progress

In honor of Pride month, we’re partnering with All Are Welcome Here to bring you Paws for Progress collars and leashes with the colors of the Progress Pride rainbow — and an impactful message: Everyone deserves respect, compassion, and to feel welcome in our communities. 

All Are Welcome Here was founded in 2016 by fellow Minnesotan, Jaime Chismar, who like us believes dogs make the best ambassadors for community-focused causes and help connect people from diverse backgrounds.

“One of the easiest ways to meet people is to have a dog,” Jaime says. “You can have a conversation with a complete stranger at the dog park and walk away with a whole different perspective or a greater understanding about someone in our communities — and that's really powerful.”

“Dogs can help facilitate really awesome conversations,” she adds. “Because when people are around their pets, they're relaxed, they're open, and they’re their best selves.”

As part of our collaboration with All Are Welcome Here, we’re donating 15% of the sales of the Paws for Progress collars and leashes to Rainbow Health in support of their mission to serve the LGBTQ+ community, those living with HIV, and anyone facing barriers to equitable healthcare access because of their identity. All Are Welcome Here will match our donation, up to $500.

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Paws for Progress Everyday Collar™
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