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Salomon Squad

We love being outside: whether it's hiking, skiing, biking, or running. It all brought us to be part of this amazing group of likeminded people who want nothing more than to play outside! For a lot of us, that means bringing our dogs along who share the same simple bliss of stepping out the door and enjoying those wild and urban spaces. While we have a bunch of SWEET Salomon gear, our four-legged companions can now have some too! Designs are inspired by the outdoors and the Salomon Squad Logo! 
Part of all sales will also go to benefit Protect Our Winters: a non-profit that helps passionate outdoor people (you and me) protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. 




Salomon Squad ID Collar
Regular price $38.00
Fi Ready Salomon Squad Collar
Regular price $42.00
Salomon Squad Everyday Leash™
Regular price $33.00
Salomon Squad Stunt Runner™
Regular price $48.00
Salomon Squad Everyday Collar
Regular price $29.00
Nano Bowl™
Regular price $24.00
Go Dog Glo™ Harness
Regular price $48.00
Stunt Coupler™