Put Your Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Ice Barker™


Put Your Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Ice Barker™

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6-14lb / 11-13.5in shoulder to tail like a Small Terrier

13-24lb / 13-16in shoulder to tail like a Westie

24-35lb / 16.5-20in shoulder to tail like a Cocker Spaniel

33-55lb / 19-24.5in shoulder to tail like a Border Collie

53-83lb / 24-27in shoulder to tail like a Labrador

77-94lb / 27-29in shoulder to tail like a Rhodesian Ridgeback

94-130lb / 29-30in shoulder to tail like a Mastiff


Black w Red Piping
Black w Green Piping



Inspired by Jack, our beloved but thermally fragile Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Ice-Barker is the perfect jacket for dogs looking for a soft, natural, odor resistant layer of warmth.

The Materials

  • New Zealand Merino Wool is soft, low irritant and naturally resists odours
  • Adapts to changes in temperature for excellent warmth to weight performance
  • Felted fibre blocks wind and remains warm even when damp
  • Sustainably farmed in New Zealand’s high country
  • Easy care - machine wash on wool cycle, dry flat

The Design

  • Uses Stunt Puppy’s Fit-To-Move patterns to hug the curves of a dog without restricting movement
  • Chest panel and side fastenings accommodate broad shoulders, deep chests, narrow waists and other glorious dog shaped combinations
  • Easy on-off cam-lock buckles - low profile with no velcro, zippers or difficult fastenings

The Merino Ice-Barker was the very first jacket we ever made and it's still one of our favorites. Wear it during light exercise or between periods of exercise in cool conditions, after swimming or getting wet or at night at rest.  Perfect for lightweight, fine coated, elderly dogs or those who suffer from stiffness associated with or aggravated by cold conditions.