If A Sleeping Bag And A Jacket Made A Baby

Puff Doggy™


If A Sleeping Bag And A Jacket Made A Baby

Puff Doggy™

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2-6lb shoulder to tail 9-10in like a Chihuahua

6-14lb / 11-13.5in shoulder to tail like a Small Terrier

13-24lb / 13-16in shoulder to tail like a Westie

24-35lb / 16.5-20in shoulder to tail like a Cocker Spaniel

33-55lb / 19-24.5in shoulder to tail like a Border Collie

53-83lb / 24-27in shoulder to tail like a Labrador

77-94lb / 27-29in shoulder to tail like a Rhodesian Ridgeback





Ideal if your adventures take you into the back-country, a tent or leave you out in the cold when the sun sets. Originally designed for our avalanche crews the Puff-Doggy wraps your dog in a generous jacket of Pertex® and down-alternative insulation. Despite its abundant warmth this jacket packs down tight so you can warm your dog without weighing yourself down.

The Design   

  • 200 and 100g Insulation are divided into chambers within the coat to give extra warmth to spine, hips, shoulders and chest without adding overall bulk to places that require less
  • Extended coverage over the elbows, thighs and tail to protect these joints when lying down
  • Compacts to store inside itself - medium weighs 10oz, dimensions when packed 7”x4”x2”

The Materials

  • Outer layers are Pertex® to keep the insulation layers dry, even on damp ground or conditions
  • Inner layers of down-alternative insulation for easy-care perform well into low freezing range
  • Secure side-release Duraflex fastenings
  • Easy care, machine washable (gentle) and quick dry

Wear It

Just like your puffer jacket the Puff Doggy is designed to keep you warm when you’re chillin’. To keep this jacket light we’ve chosen fabrics that are not as tough as our other coats so it’s not intended for running through the bush. Perfect for camping, on sedate winter walks, apres and alfresco activities or for senior and thermally fragile dogs requiring extra insulation.

“There is nothing like this jacket out there! The quality, the warmth and the customer service are all outstanding!”

Ken, Puff Doggy purchaser