Keep your dog warm all winter long

Love our leashes and collars? You'll be spinning in circles for our winter jackets! They're designed to keep your dog cozy and dry, even on the coldest days. They're easy to put on, easy to wear, and are made with the same kinds of fabrics you'll find in your own favorite winter gear.

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Fur ain’t so fabulous...
Top 5 reasons your dog could use a jacket this winter


Fur isn’t always enough

Unless your dog was bred to love the cold, even the cutest, fluffiest fur isn't necessarily insulating. A good rule of thumb: if you're feeling the drop in temperature, your dog likely is, too.


Fur isn’t reflective

Moving under the cover of darkness might work for stalking the neighbor's cat, but it's not great for evening walks. Being safe means being seen.


Not all fur is waterproof

Wet fur, especially for dogs with thin fur, isn't warm at all. And thick, wet fur isn't pleasant for anyone.


Fur smuggles dirt

Don’t let your dog's fur bring the outside in!


Dogs love being cozy - especially the seniors

Doesn’t everyone, though? Being cozy feels good, especially on old bones.

Keep your dog warm all winter long

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