Track your dog anytime, anywhere
Harness the power of GPS and LTE-M Cellular network to remotely track your dog 24/7.
1 in 3 dogs will get lost in their lifetime
7,000,000 dogs go missing every year. Fi alerts you as soon as your dog escapes and helps you track them to recovery.
Travel in Peace
Keep an eye on your dog when you are on a trip. Whether they are with family or in boarding, you can make sure they stay safe and active.
Dog Walkers / Day Care
Fi notifies you when your dog gets picked up and brought back. Invite your walker to Fi and keep an eye on the dog while being walked by a walker.
What Fi does differently

Order your Fi collar directly from Stunt Puppy, and customize with personal identification, with dozens of patterns to choose from.

Designed for your dog’s active life
. Light and Comfortable for dogs of all sizes.

Escape Detection to detect when your dog escapes.

Real-time GPS tracking to quickly find lost dogs and bring them home.

2x more LTE signal that works in the most remote areas, on hikes, and wherever adventure takes you.

400+ lb pull resistance. To handle whatever the world throws at your dog (and whatever your dog throws back).

Waterproof. IP68 & IP66k tested to be more waterproof than ever before.

Up to 3 months battery life from one charge. So your dog can live unleashed and unplugged.


When your dog is lost every second counts. Series 3 offers instant live tracking on GPS in lost dog mode, so you can track your dog’s every move.

Just the right amount of steps

Customize step goals to your dog’s needs to keep them in the best shape of their life. Make it fun and compete with others.

Monitor your dog’s sleep from anywhere

Understand your dog’s rest patterns in detail. Monitor time spent napping & sleeping, night time interruptions, and overall restfulness.

Invite the whole family

Add as many dogs and as many owners to your Fi account as you want. Let loved ones check in from afar and keep your dog safe when you have to travel.

Maintain your privacy

Fi lets you control who has access to the location of your dog and when. You can add dog walkers to the app who only have access when they are walking your dog.