Damage Repair

$10.00 USD


My dog ate it. Here at Stunt Puppy we actually believe you. It happens. If your webbing is still in decent shape - send it on in to us and we'll get you new buckles, other pieces or whatever your furry friends ruined.

We don't judge. There's no shame. It's natural. 

Please note - we'll do everything we can do to make the repair. If it looks unrepairable, it might be :)

Products MUST be washed before sending them in for repair. We recommend machine wash in a laundry bag or hand wash and hang to dry.

Order here and then send your product to:

My Dog Ate This
c/o Stunt Puppy
575 9th St SE Ste 100
Minneapolis, MN  55414

Be sure to include a note briefly describing the repair and include your order number (if possible) so we know where to ship the repair back to.

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Customer Reviews

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Amylynne J.F.
excellent customer service

This is the first time I have had to send something back for repair and the turnaround was so fast! Very thrilled. I previously also had them add a D ring to another leash and the turnaround time for that was super fast too. love this company.


My dog started a new training program and when he was nervous he chewed through one of the straps on his harness. I was ready to re buy the same one when I remembered that it could possibly be fixed. Sure enough after cleaning the harness and sending it back, they were able to replace the strap and his harness is good as new! In a world where everything is disposable, it felt amazing to be able to fix something, rather than throw it away and buy new. I’ve been buying Stunt Puppy for years, but they just gained a customer for life!

Heather L.
Fixer upper

So kind and efficient a service - thank you!!!