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Go Dog Glo™ Harness
Go Dog Glo™ Harness
Go Dog Glo™ Harness
Go Dog Glo™ Harness
Go Dog Glo™ Harness
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Go Dog Glo™ Harness

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Girth 15"-23"

Girth 23"-29"

Girth 29"-37"




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Harnesses can be helpful for dogs that are over-enthusiastic on the leash, but they aren’t just for dogs that pull. They also help any dog feel safe and comfortable when moving with you.

Our Go-Dog-Glo™ Harness uses a unique combination of fabrics and structural design to provide control, direction, comfort, security and additional visibility. 

Expert trainers and behaviorists often use slip leashes that use the gentle application of pressure in specific directions to improve the sensitivity of communication between dog and handler. Go-Dog-Glo uses a similar mechanism but transfers that pressure away from the throat and onto the body.

The Chest Plate

  • Provides structure and stability for the harness, reduces pressure points and holds the harness in place without the need to be restrictively tight
  • Made from durable, reflective fabrics with a soft mesh inner for comfort and visibility
  • Harness fits smoothly over most jackets in cooler weather

The Leash Attachment -- Updated!

  • Positioned over the top of the shoulders to give the best body control and minimizes the fuss of leashes getting caught around the front legs
  • As pressure comes on to the leash, the attachment glides to provide direction and reduce tension. This style of attachment helps redirect the dog back towards you to release pressure, subtly changing the direction of movement, refocusing attention and reducing the urge to pull.
  • If your dog is normally on your left side, we recommend attaching to the left D-ring, and vice versa if your dog walks on your right. Attaching to either D-ring will work.

Along with safety, security and visibility the secret-sauce of the Go-Dog-Glo harness is the combination of the chest plate and functionality of the leash attachment.

There are a few adjustments

  • Adjust the two straps that form the neck opening so that the leash attachment sits over or just forward of the top points of your dog’s shoulders. 
  • Adjust the two girth straps so that when there is no tension on harness you can slip one or two fingers flat between your dog’s side and the strap.
  • To release the lock on girth buckles squeeze the small wheel-brake on the buckle insert and slide webbing through. Release the brake to lock the webbing in place. 


If you are using the harness to help with dogs that are difficult to manage on leash please always consider your own safety and seek professional advice to help teach your dog the joy of moving peacefully by your side.

Care Instructions:

  • Fasten buckles and place in delicates bag
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent
  • Hang to dry

Sizing info

Small: Girth 15"-23"

Medium: Girth 23"-29"

Large: Girth 29"-37"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Return Information

    Non-custom items can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of delivery. Visit our return portal for a free return. Use your 9 digit order number to find your order. IF YOU HAVE A 5 DIGIT ORDER NUMBER, ADD 1003 IN FRONT OF THE 5 DIGITS. Once you've been to the portal and filled out the information - you'll receive an email with a pre-paid label to return your item. You're done.

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    *Custom items are not returnable, but fully covered under warranty for defects. If there is a sizing issue, please let us know and we'll do our best to remedy the situation. Custom items include: Stunt PuppyID Collars, CollarLab, Hand-Lettered Custom Collars, Adjustable Collar Tags as well as any custom tailored item.

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  • Warranty

    All our gear is warrantied one year from the time of purchase. If you have an issue - please contact us at service@stuntpuppy.com.

  • Customer Service

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