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Stunt Puppy Community Statement

Community Statement

Stunt Puppy was founded in Minneapolis 14 years ago. We love our city, but it’s not perfect. 

We believe that inequality and injustice are systemic. As such, our society cannot be made to be more just and equal with a single act by just one part of it. All aspects of our society must be brought to bear: public, private, personal. Every day, from now on. 

We are committed to being open and transparent in our efforts, listening to and including our employees and other stakeholders in our decision making about how to create an actionable culture of equity and inclusion. 

Outlined below are the areas we seek to impact and the actions we will take to do so.

Manufacturing, Employment and Hiring

Stunt Puppy strives to create an equitable and inclusive workplace. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Manufacturing our products in Minneapolis, actively recruiting and retaining employees from underrepresented communities—BIPOC, LGBTQ and people with disabilities
  • Including language in all job postings that is encouraging for candidates of underrepresented groups
  • Providing ongoing equity and inclusion training for ourselves and our staff
  • Reviewing the language we use in our employee communications, handbooks, etc. to ensure inclusivity

Business Practices

We examine our business practices with deliberation to ensure that they align with our values. 

  • Seeking relationships with suppliers from underrepresented groups
  • Being thoughtful in developing supplier and customer relationships. We will seek new customers who share our values and be willing to end relationships with those that don’t.
  • Actively seeking and partnering with companies and organizations from underrepresented communities on business opportunities

Volunteering and Financial Donations

Our commitment is to provide for the immediate needs of our communities while working diligently to address the systemic disparities that are their root cause. Our current efforts are:

  • Donating  to organizations that focus on addressing systemic change. In 2020, we have donated to Reclaim the Block, We Love Lake Street and All My Relations.
  • Providing employees matching grants of up to $500 per person per year to donate to causes dedicated to issues of systemic inequality and injustice. 
  • Providing time off for employees to volunteer with community organizations working on these same goals.
  • Creating volunteer opportunities for our team to do this work as a group on a regular basis

Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion

Stunt Puppy leadership demonstrates empathy to all employees and partners, actively working to create a culture of belonging. We listen and engage employees to create best practices to ensure that all feel welcomed and valued.

  • Provide regular listening sessions and teaching opportunities for how to have courageous conversations with each other. 
  • Establish ways that we can hold each other accountable for our words and actions. It should not be the responsibility of BIPOC or LGBTQ employees to have to advocate for themselves when incidents occur.  
  • Create a scorecard with which our leadership team measures out efforts