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Damage Repair
Damage Repair

My Dog Ate It - For Real

Damage Repair

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My dog ate it. We here at Stunt Puppy actually believe you. It happens. If your webbing is still in decent shape - send it on in to us and we'll get you new buckles, other pieces or what ever your furry friends ruined.

We don't judge. There's no shame. It's natural. 

Please note - we'll do everything we can do to make the repair. If it looks unrepairable, it might be :)

Please hand wash and line dry products before sending them in, our sewers and sewing machines appreciate it!

Order here and then send your product to:

My Dog Ate This
c/o Stunt Puppy
1621 E Hennepin Ave, Ste 151
Minneapolis, MN  55414


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