Stunt Puppy 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Stunt Puppy 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We all know or have four-legged friends in our lives that deserve to feel some of the holiday cheer, that’s why we put together this howliday gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift this season. 

We’re going to shine some light on the SpotLit XL because of its many functions. First, it’s a fun, bright light that can either change color or remain on one. We have also tested it ourselves at night on our dogs and we have to say, it’s bright! This handy light is also rechargeable. It’s perfect for trips to the dog park at dusk (did we mention it’s also durable in various weather conditions?)

What’s small, easy to take with you anywhere, and is built for your on-the-go dog? The Nano Bowl. Perfect for hikes, the dog park, or your last minute road trip! It’s made with waterproof material that can support itself on even or uneven ground. Next time you’re out with your dog and you stop for a sip of water, you can both enjoy a drink! 

How do you know where your dog is in the house? We are all too familiar with the sound of our dog’s tags jingling as they roam around the house or walk the neighborhood only to alert every dog on that block that their presence is near. FreezeTag is a simple solution to eliminate the everyday noise you have grown accustomed to, or are just about near the end of your rope hearing. Most of all, it can protect the wear and tear of the tags, as most standard tags wear out over time.

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