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The FreezeTag is the new way to wear tags. It's easy to attach and eliminates annoying tag noise.

Tags are critical for your dogs safety and security, but their constant jingling can be disruptive, whether waking a baby or simply driving you and your dog to distraction. With a sleek design featuring our patented quieting strap, the FreezeTag pet tag holder completely eliminates annoying tag noise without sacrificing the safeguards or style your dog deserves.

With the FreezeTag pet tag holder, tags can be added or updated quickly, without the nail-breaking frustration of a traditional split-ring. It assembles in a snap and attaches to your dog's collar with ease, making it simple to transfer tags from collar to collar so your furry friend will be safe, silent and secure in any situation.

  • Works with tags of all shapes (hearts, bones, circles, etc.)
  • Works with up to 4 standard thickness dog tags
  • Waterproof. Stinkproof. Weatherproof
  • Dog tested and approved for the roughest of play
  • One size fits all dogs
Technical Specs
  • Made from the same stuff that's supporting your car engine. If you can pull it apart, send us a picture! We want to see it
  • Non-toxic
  • Packaging is approximately 5.75" round
  • Made in USA
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Customer Reviews

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Heather G. (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Freeze Tag

Great concept and works as it says. Unfortunately. It covers pertinent information on our dog’s tags. This would make it challenging for someone to quickly read our phone number in the event one of the dogs ran off. Won’t work for us but definitely could work with some tags depending on the size and layout of information.

Great idea!

These Freeze tags make our walks so much more enjoyable! Very recommended!


I purchased the freeze tag and I am very happy! No longer hearing the jingle jangle of tags !!

so much peace

Love to go on runs with my pup, but between the name tag, rabies tag, dog park license, and city dog license.....ah! the jingling was a bit much. This product has been a great. I have used other tag silencers before which are shaped rubber bumpers to fit over each tag. However, several of my dog's tags are uniquely shaped so that was not a great long-term solution. I love how the freeze tag is able to handle all of my dog's tags at the same time, regardless of shape!

Karen &.N.
Do you value your sanity?

But also want your dog to have all their very important credentials? This is brilliant for just that purpose. Nina's now sporting her ID, rabies, and city license tags, but the only noise when she shakes are her floppy ears. We're only about a week in, but it seems much more durable than the ubiquitous split rings that seem to get caught on everything.