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%Show% %Size:Regular% %Alt:Regular Pink Reflective Collar%
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Go Dog Glo Dry Collar

$36.00 USD


That's right: Waterproof, stinkproof AND visible at night. Constructed from BioThane®, a virtually indestructible material, this lightweight, durable collar is designed for active dogs that keep going even after the sun goes down. It stays flexible in cold weather and begs to be pushed to the limit!

Not intended for tie-out.

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Customer Reviews

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Rolling O.G.
Last forever

These collars last forever and do not stink! I love the reflective strip cuz our dogs go on late night romps on our acreage. I can spot them with a flashlight immediately.

Tough and bright!

I bought this so my Weim would be more visible. Not only in the evenings, but in the daylight at the dog parks. He tends to blend into everything. The bright yellow collar makes him stand out in the shadows! I love that I just wipe it clean, unlike his old webbing color that got so dirty all the time. Great quality material and value for the money!

Jenn W.
LOVE these dry collars!

I absolutely love these collars for all three of our dogs (with three different coats). We have a 85lb. GSD, a 70 lb. Golden & a 40lb. Potcake. They start out stiff but soften up in no time. We use these all year because they play in the snow and water- no stink! We love the reflectiveness - great product! Super good looking too. We run our dogs and are confident people/cars can see us in the early morning/dusk. Cannot say enough about how much we love this product!

Betty L.
Nice, but not for a small dog

Love the color and material, but shrunk down enough for my 14 lb mini Aussie pup it was just too much hardware over too small a neck, so I returned it.
Better for a little dog is just a belt type collar.

Hi there,
We're sorry to hear that didn't fit well for you. We make things right here in Minneapolis so we are always happy to adjust the sizing on our collars to ensure a great fit.

Good Reflective Dy Collar

This is a good dry collar and I can tell it is high quality. It stays dry when it rains and I like that it is reflective at night. The only problem I have is that the small size is still a big big for my dog and sometimes when I pull my dog the other way, the whole collar just slips off of her. Luckily, my dog doesn't run away and just stays until I put the collar back on her. I won't recommend this to any dogs that may run away. If the collar slips off, your dog might run off. Just FYI.

We'd be happy to make the collar shorter to fit your dog appropriately! If you're interested, send an email to service@stuntpuppy.com.