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Classic Everyday Leash™

$25.00 USD


Stunt Puppy's standard leash is designed with everyday fun in mind. Built with the same tubular webbing used by climbers and firefighters, it's the softest, smoothest and most comfortable leash for you and your best friend.

This 5-foot leash is incredibly versatile in terms of length and temporary hitches, too: the adjustable handle end lets you shorten the leash as needed, use as a temporary tie-out, or easily convert to waist loop or over-the-shoulder loop. The traffic loop at the base lets you pull your dog close when you need to. Built to last with best-in-class Duraflex Rock Lockster® buckle and swivel hook for easy clipping.

This leash comes in 1" (25mm) wide or 9/16" (14 mm) wide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Fast shipping. Good quality product.

No uppper handle

This leash is well made, but the only option for an upper handle is using the clip and it slips so it’s either nonexistent or wraps tightly around your hand if the dog pulls. The lower handle is very difficult to separate also.

Great leash

I tried several double leashes with very poor results, the regular hook rubbed somehow and my dogs got released from the lead a few times. I decided I needed something that would swivel, had a good connector that would not come undone, and would hold up to my two crazy girls pulling. I purchased the everyday leash to connect two flexible connectors (love the bungee on these) and I am so happy I did. The swivel lock gives me a sense of security I did not have with the other leads. I love that the leash has an adjustment that can fit for your wrist, waist, or used to secure the dogs temporarily. The extra hand hold by the carabiner is great, as I often need to choke up on the leads.

My New Favorite Leash

This is the third leash I've bought for my puppy and it's my absolute favorite one! I love the extra handle near the carabiner - it's super helpful for controlling my crazy dog if I need to keep him closer to me. I'm also a big fan of the adjustable handle with the clip for making the handle bigger, smaller, or clipping his leash around something to keep my pup in one spot. LOVE this leash!

A necessity for walks

We bought the black Everyday Leash in regular length. I was hoping it came in more colors for our female dog, but after thinking it over, leashes get dirty so black was our best option. It's made in the USA, which is great. Also, the price is worth all the bells and whistles. It is called an everyday leash but it really is more. There is an adjustable handle that you can wear on your hand or make larger to go around a waist. The handle also closes with a buckle so you can temporarily buckle the handle around something. The designers thought of everything useful in a leash when creating this! We haven't even used the traffic loop yet. The only downside to this leash is that the end of the snap hook sometimes is tricky to unclip from the ring of the collar so you just have to use two hands.