Ice-Barker™ Limited Edition

$130.00 USD


Our Ice-Barker™ jacket, meticulously crafted from New Zealand's finest Merino wool. Specifically designed for dogs with fine coats, senior companions, or those sensitive to temperature changes, this sustainable fiber adapts seamlessly to varying climates. It offers reliable warmth even in damp conditions and naturally combats odors commonly found in synthetic materials. Whether for leisurely activities or when temperatures plummet, this jacket provides unparalleled comfort and protection.


  • Stunt Puppy’s Fit-To-Move™ patterns hug the curves of a dog without restricting movement
  • Chest panel and adjustable side fastenings accommodate broad shoulders, deep chests, narrow waists and other glorious dog-shaped combinations
  • The woven Merino wool in this jacket offers a light level of wind and water resistance
  • Covers the chest, belly, core and hips for insulation and protection in all the right places and holds the jacket in place during play
  • Easy on-off locking buckles; no velcro, sleeves, zippers or difficult fastenings
  • Loop on top of jacket to allow attachment of your preferred light for extra visibility and safety
  • All Stunt-Puppy jackets are designed to allow your preferred harness to be worn over the jacket.

What If I have a harness?

If you prefer to use a harness when walking your dog, then the design of our jackets has you covered.

Please wear your chosen harness OVER your Stunt Puppy jacket. We have been mindful of keeping the area where a harness sits clear of buckles and fastenings so that your harness fits seamlessly over the jacket.

We don’t recommend wearing a harness under a jacket because not all harnesses function and attach at the same point so aligning the attachment and jacket can be problematic. More importantly a harness under a jacket can become twisted, unfastened or tangled and this is both uncomfortable and unsafe for your dog.

Please do not ever use a jacket as a way of securing a leash to your dog. You might like to check out our Go-Dog-Glo Harness here as the perfect companion to one of our jackets. 

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