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Go Dog Glo™ Everyday Leash

$34.00 USD


Stunt Puppy's standard leash takes on the night!

The softest, smoothest, most comfortable leash for you and your best friend now comes with segmented reflective trim, made with 3M® Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. This proprietary material provides 200 candle power and reflects directly back to the light source, up to 500 feet, in clear low-light or nighttime conditions so you and your dog stand out, even in the dark.

This five foot leash is incredibly versatile in terms of length and temporary hitches: the adjustable handle end lets you shorten the leash as needed, use as a temporary tie-out, or easily convert to waist loop or over-the-shoulder loop. The traffic loop at the base lets you pull your dog close when you need to. Built to last with best-in-class Duraflex Rock Lockster® buckle and 1" swivel hook for easy clipping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Updated clip

Glad to see they have a new clip style for attaching to the harness/collar since we've had two previous clips break.

Leader of all Leashes

Wanted a shorter (4'-4.5') reflective leash to keep my large dog at a comfortable, controllable distance without it getting caught up in his legs. This not only fits the bill, but also has some really nice frills. The adjustable length and buckle features are awesome as they give me the flexibility to wrap it around my waist and go hands-free, or easily hitch my boy up for some chill time at the local coffee shop or brewery--both tough to do with a standard closed-loop 4-footer. The gunmetal color webbed material and hardware are nice-looking, durable and surprisingly light weight, much like you'd find on high-end mountaineering gear. The only thing it's lacking (for my particular needs) is a standard size loop to put my hand through when the length is adjusted to my preferred, shorter walking length (resulting in a rather large loop). Fortunately, I found an easy $3 hardware store hack to address that: a mini silicone cinch strap that allows me to make whatever size "handle" I want without losing any functionality. With that simple addition, it is now officially my perfect leash!

Chip &.K.P.
Top Notch Quality and Design

We love using these to walk our Siberian Huskey Mix rescues. The leash is solid and comfortable to handle. It is one of the few leashes they have been unable to tear up. We also love that it is reflective in low light for added safety.

More Hands for Treats

My favorite part about this leash is the ability to be hands free, especially when using the stunt coupler and walking both of our dogs. No more juggling leashes, water bottles, and treat pouches! It is strong enough to handle our two large shepherds and adjustable enough that my boyfriend and I are both able to go hands free. Great purchase and happy to find a high quality reflective leash that will last!

Woody's D.
Fantastic every occasion leash

This is my second. After using one for the past year, deciding which on which leash to buy to store in our camper van was easy. It's lightweight, comfortable, quick drying, and pocket storable. Plus the handle clasp makes it easy to clip around a railing, post or chair. The length is good for walking my 64 lb. husky. I wish there was a 3' extension offered for hikes across rocks/boulders where Woody is required to be on leash.