Laundry Day! How to Clean Your Dog’s Gear

Did you know dogs enjoy spring cleaning as much as humans? Well, okay. They don’t. In fact, they seem to like it when their winter jackets smell like dead fish and their leashes are coated in grime. And the harness buckle they chewed when they were bored during the polar vortex? No matter! They’ll just take themselves for a walk without their harness, thank you very much. 


Setting aside what your dog thinks, a once-a-year gear tune-up is a smart idea. Here’s a quick guide to spring cleaning your dog’s daily-use items, making sure they’re clean, sturdy, and safe.  

Wash and store winter jackets. You can freshen up your dog’s Sub Woofer™ jacket by hanging it outside in the sunshine as often as needed. Machine wash it occasionally, including once before stowing it for the summer. Make sure to use the gentle cycle — and a tech wash, like Nikwax, is recommended. Allow it to air dry.

To clean Puff Doggy™ coats, hang them outside to flap around and freshen up. You can hand or machine wash them on the gentlest cycle with mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener and always let them line dry. You can treat them with Pertex-friendly products to restore water-resistance as required. 

Our stylish Stretch Fleece pullovers are perfect for the shoulder seasons — you might be taking them out of storage right now rather than putting them away. They’re durable and machine washable, so you can launder them as often as needed, then tumble dry on low. Bring on the spring mud puddles!

Freshen that harnesses. To spring clean the Go Dog Glo™ Harness, fasten the buckles and place the harness in a mesh laundry bag, then machine wash on cold on the gentlest cycle. Use a mild detergent and let it air dry. 

Launder leashes and collars. Everyday wear tends to get the dirtiest. You can machine wash leashes and collars in a mesh laundry bag on a gentle cycle. (You can also hand wash.) Hang to dry. Washing often brightens the colors back up!

Check for rips, tears, and needed repairs. Look over all your gear and make sure buckles are working properly, clips are secure, and fabric is in good shape. 

Did your dog decide to snack on their gear? Don’t fear! We do damage repair. For a small fee ($10), you can send damaged leashes, collars, and other gear back to us and we’ll replace whatever your furry friend has chewed. (NOTE: We'll do everything we can to make the repair. If it looks unrepairable, it might be :)



Gear For Active Dogs

This is gear for dogs that brave autumn without an argyle sweater, ride shotgun in the pickup, nudge their running partner awake before the alarm goes off…you get the idea. Dogs like these need gear that keeps up with them, in the city and the country; the rain and the sun; the hot and the cold; the dark and the light.

This gear is for you and your dog. Whatever you do. Every day.

From Basement to Brand

For years, Ken Goldman searched for the perfect leash and collar for his golden retriever, Bauer. From volunteering at hospitals to running the trails, their lifestyle was busy – and put their dog gear to the test. Dissatisfied with other dog products on the market, Ken retreated to his basement, pulled out a sewing machine (thanks Mom) and created the Stunt Runner™, a dog leash fitted with a flexible connector, which enabled him to run easily with Bauer by his side.

He tested his gear with neighborhood dogs and quickly moved on to the most active of canines: Search-and-rescue dogs, law enforcement dogs, Iditarod dogs, dock-diving dogs. These dogs continue to test all Stunt Puppy products and inspire new gear.

What began as a basement project quickly turned into a national brand. Taking cues from high-quality climbing, skiing and camping gear, Ken used similar materials and construction techniques to ensure his products had the comfort and durability to keep up with even the most active dogs and their owners.

How We Make Gear Fit For A Dog

Human Grade Components

Human-grade fabrics mean gear that's lighter, softer, more breathable, and performs better across a range of conditions. We use human-grade fabrics and components because to us, it's never JUST a dog.

Fit-To-Move™ Design

There are no straight lines on a dog, so there are no straight lines on Stunt Puppy jackets. Curved panels, articulated seams, and adjustments where they're needed most allow for a customized fit that accommodates deep chests, broad shoulders, narrow waists and all the glorious combinations in between.

Lab-Test the Gear

Good on paper isn't good enough for the kind of treatment that our outdoor gear needs to endure. Every Stunt Puppy design is tested and measured by our team of Lab-Testers.

To Make It Right, We Make It in the Right Place

From the first buckle to the last stitch, we manufacture where materials and techniques are the best: New Zealand’s first-rate Merino wool; China’s flotation construction expertise; the United States’ premiere reflective technology. It all comes together in the USA where we can ship with the smallest footprint and help take care of our one beautiful planet.

We Love Our Dogs as Much as You Do

We started with a single jacket made from scraps for Jack, our thermally fragile Ridgeback, and fashioning the perfect leash for Bauer to make his hospital therapy rounds. We still design for the Jacks and Bauers who are making the world a better place, one unconditional wag at a time.

Here's What Makes Us Better

Tubular Webbing

Soft, smooth and strong. The same material used in top-quality climbing and rescue gear. Doesn't pinch the skin or mat the hair.


Because your dogs life is seven times too short to live with boredom. We've created a unique line of patterns to fancy up your dog.

Crazy Strong and Crazy Light Carabiners

Active dog owners tend to have their hands full. These carabiners are strong, durable – and so easy to use. They auto lock once clipped onto your dog's collar.

Bar Tack Stitching

We don't glue our materials together or sew like Grandma; we stitch `em right and tight. This super strong stitch is the same one used on climbing harnesses and firefighters' gear.

Duraflex® Buckles

Buckles are one of the key safety features in any leash or collar. So when it comes to buckles, we don't mess around: We use the best ones on the market.

Innovative Reflective Trim

Made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. Looks great during the day, shows up even better at night, reflecting back up to 500 feet.

Biothane® Waterproof Material

A lightweight and virtually indestructible material that's waterproof and stinkproof. Built to handle weather extremes, it stays flexible in the coldest of conditions.

Dual D Rings

One ring for the tags and one ring for the leash. There’s no need to reach under your dog’s neck to clip the leash and then spin the buckle and tags all the way up to the top of the neck. The second D-Ring is right there on top (and can be repositioned) for you to easily clip right into. And no jingle mingle with the leash and tags.