What's Behind the Scout Leash™

The Scout Leash: Designed With Dog Behavior in Mind

We all love (or at least want to love) walking, running and exploring with our dogs. But for dogs, movement isn’t just enjoyable. It’s also instinctive and helps them feel connected to their pack — which, in this case, is you!

When we move together with our dogs, it helps build a healthy, more harmonious relationship. When we lead our dogs calmly, confidently and smoothly, we give them a chance to relax out in the world, which in turn strengthens their trust and respect in you.

Enter: the Scout Leash. Designed with the guidance of dog behavior nerds, walkers and trainers, our modifiable leash promotes three of your dog’s primary instincts during walks — exploring, following and playing — to help make your time together even more fulfilling.

Explore Mode:

Did you know that 60 percent of your dog’s brain is wired to their nose? That’s why they stop what feels like every five seconds to sniff yet another patch of grass. We might roll our eyes in amusement — but exploring with their snout is critical to a fulfilling walk for our dogs.

With the Scout Leash fully extended in “Explore Mode,” your dog has the freedom to meander, investigate fun smells on the walking path, mark their territory … you name it. And thanks to the flexible bungee section, Scout softens any jarring stops or directional changes (squirrel!), but prevents your dog from moving out of reach.

Follow Mode:

While exploring is a healthy and natural behavior for your dog, following your lead is equally important. During this stage of a walk, their nose is off the ground, their body is relaxed and they’re taking cues from you.

Buckling up Scout to its shortest length is ideal for “Follow Mode.” This allows them to walk calmly and quietly and be right by your side, both physically and mentally. It also gives you better guidance and control whenever you need it.

Play Mode:

Last but not least, we have playtime! Squeezing a little bit of active play into your dog’s walk provides mental and physical stimulation, tuckers them out so they’re not racing around the house at midnight — and helps you form a deeper bond with your dog.

In “Play Mode,” you can detach Scout from your dog’s collar or harness — and then wrap it around your torso, bandolier style, and fasten the carabiner through the handle to secure it. That way, you’ll have your hands free for frisbee throwing, hiking the single track or taking a jaunt through the dog park.

Pro-tip: You can even attach your water bottle and your dog’s Nano Bowl to the carabiner during playtime, so you don’t have to carry them or bring an extra bag.