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Additional Stunt Runner™ Flexible Connector
Additional Stunt Runner™ Flexible Connector

Extra hands-free running

Additional Stunt Runner™ Flexible Connector

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Solid color connectors stretch 42" - 66" and reflective connector stretches 39"-65"





This is an additional Flexible Connector for those of you who run with two dogs OR for those pairs of dogs who run with one person.

How does it work? You need a Stunt Runner to start. Then add this additional connector to another D-Ring on the belt and voilà - you're hooked to two dogs!

PLEASE NOTE: Each connector should connect to it's own D-Ring so if you're ordering this WITH a new Stunt Runner, we will send you a belt with TWO D-rings. If you're ordering this to go with a Stunt Runner you already own, please email us and we can give you instructions on where to mail your belt so we can put the additional D-Ring on the belt you already have. 

Available in black, blue, red, orange, silver and black reflective.

Stunt Runner belt not included.


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Sizing info

Regular: Solid color connectors stretch 42" - 66" and reflective connector stretches 39"-65"

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