Custom Gear Tailoring

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Tell us what you need - smaller? bigger? different? Send us a note to with specific instructions etc. Allow 2-3 weeks for custom order delivery. However, it probably won't take that long.

Customized products are not returnable but fully covered under warranty for defects. If there is a sizing issue, please let us know and we'll do our best to remedy the situation.

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Customer Reviews

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BBs M.
Exemplary customer service

Here's a shout-out to the marvelous Ms. Angie for her able assistance in determining the correct sizes and modifications needed for my irregularly shaped puppers. Her advice made it possible to order the two Float Doggys and have them fit perfectly the first time. The design is excellent as it keeps my corgi's head above water despite the tendency of her fluffy bottom to exert excess buoyancy. And the small-wide is perfect for my muscular standard dachshund's deep chest. I will definitely recommend this product to others.

Beautiful alterations

The changes made to my dogs life jacket were seamless and beautiful.

Such a great service!

I love that you can get exactly what you want from Stunt Puppy. I ordered the Everyday Leash, but wanted it one foot longer so I could use it around my waist for running, and also wanted the end length to be adjustable, rather than having a traffic handle. I entered my instructions in the comment box and the leash was delivered to me exactly as requested. So great!

The best part of this company!

I got a stunt runner leash and had them custom make the size of the belt and leash. Very awesome. The belt I had them make smaller so less of it has to be doubled up which makes the belt much much lighter when water logged during a very wet run. Also had them make the leash portion about 10 inches or so longer to let my dog have more room when navigating obstacles on the trail without running into me. This option to have them make things for your purposes makes this company well worth it over the typical cheap Amazon products.