Fi-Ready Kaleidoscope Pink Everyday Collar


$41.00 USD


This Fi-ready, one-of-a-kind collar lets you add your dog's ID right on the collar! This exclusive collar features fun patterns along with optional ID info, so you can cut down on clunky dog tags (and that annoying jingle). Available in multiple patterns and reflective option, so you can create your own custom look. Fits up to 5 lines of copy.

Series 3 collars available in 1" or 3/4" width and and fits necks from 12" to 30". Collar will be adjustable smaller and larger from the neck size you provide.

Learn more about Series 3 GPS Modules (not included) here.

Series 2 collars available in 1" width and fits necks from 12" to 30". Collar will be adjustable smaller and larger from the neck size you provide.

Learn more about Series 2 GPS Modules (not included) here.

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Please note:

    • Due to the custom nature of this item, manufacturing time can be up to two weeks and it may ship separately from additional items ordered.
    • Your lines will be printed in ALL CAPS and phone numbers will be formatted exactly how you type them so check your work :)
    • This custom product is not returnable but fully covered under warranty for defects. If there is a sizing issue, please let us know and we'll do our best to remedy the situation.
    • Not intended for tie-out.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Collar!

Was so excited when I received my stunt puppy collar in the mail! The sizing fit my pup perfectly and it totally matches her personality. I was easily able to connect my fi and was originally worried when I ordered the .75 inch that it wouldn't look cohesive with the fi but I was wrong. Looks great and is durable!


Beautiful collar! My 11 month old Siberian Husky has a Fi GPS and we got this collar for that reason. It is a very nice collar and works well with the Fi GPS.

Totally worth the cost—incredible quality!!

I was skeptical when my husband switched our pup tkk on a Fi system that required Fi-compatible collars. I figured she’d be in ugly heavy collars…so glad to be wrong. These. Are. Adorable! Hands down, these are the best quality collars for the price we’ve ever seen. Worth it. Do it!