Soft Shell All Weather Activity

Sub Woofer™


Soft Shell All Weather Activity

Sub Woofer™

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Made with activity in mind the soft-shell Sub-Woofer is an excellent choice for a water and wind resistant dog jacket, with moderate warmth and a soft, light, flexible fit suitable for outdoor work and play.


  • Wind and water resistant, breathable Hydrotex™ soft shell
  • Lightweight, soft and with enough stretch for a neat fit
  • 3M Brilliance Reflective detailing for 400RA reflection (that means really bright)
  • Easy care - freshen outside frequently, machine wash occasionally and preferably with a tech-wash e.g. Nikwax. Can be treated with soft-shell waterproofing as required. Do not tumble dry.


  • Stunt Puppy’s Fit-To-Move™ patterns hug the curves of a dog without restricting movement
  • Chest panel and adjustable side fastenings accommodate broad shoulders, deep chests, narrow waists and other glorious dog-shaped combinations
  • Covers the chest, belly, core and hips for insulation and protection in all the right places and holds the jacket in place during play
  • Easy on-off locking buckles; no velcro, sleeves, zippers or difficult fastenings

Designed with action in mind so wear it during exercise, work and play in cool, exposed or dark conditions. It’s versatile enough to be used across a wide range of conditions from steady exercise and rambunctious play to watching from the sidelines. It’s perfect for dogs that are fine coated, lightweight or are determined to get outside whatever the weather.


Bar Tack Stitching

We don’t glue our materials together or sew like Grandma; we stitch ’em right and tight. This super strong stitch is the same one used on climbing harnesses and firefighters’ gear.

Duraflex® Buckles

Buckles are one of the key safety features in any leash or collar. So when it comes to buckles, we don’t mess around: We use the best ones on the market. Our Weinerlock® collar buckles can handle up to 225 pounds of pull.


There are no straight lines on a dog, so there are no straight lines on a Stunt Puppy. To find the best fit on an asymmetrical cylindrical object (your dog’s torso) you need to shape, contour, and hinge every piece. Look at one of our jackets and you’ll see the same shapes and outlines as you see on your dog. The result: the most ergonomic fit on doggy shapes, maximum room for movement, coverage and adjustment where it’s needed and no fur-snagging velcro or zippers.

Performance Fabrics

We make our gear with the same fabrics you’ll find in your own favorite stuff. We match performance fabrics to the conditions we’re making the jacket for and always aim for the most comfortable, lightweight, dog-friendly combinations we can find. Because as we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s never just a dog.