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Float Doggy™

$99.00 USD


Float Doggy uses a patented combination of structural design and materials to provide a secure, ergonomic, comfortable fit and balanced flotation. We collaborated with experts in buoyancy, canine anatomy and bio-mechanics to build the Float Doggy.

Inspired by our own kayaking and wake boarding vests, Float Doggy is created in collaboration with experts in buoyancy and canine anatomy and biomechanics.

Made in Vietnam
US PATENT 8,182,300 B2

We Resolved Two Issues with Dog Life Jackets

Enclosed The Harness Between The Front Legs

  • Conventional jackets are open between the front legs, which can cause the heavy head and chest area to sink and fall through that gap - so we closed it with a continuous articulated chest and belly panel
  • The enclosed design is better for buoyancy, security and comfort, particularly when being lifted
  • Flotation in the under-chest panel supports the heavier shoulder area and helps keep the head higher in the water
  • Attaching the handle to the full harness supports the dog fully, secures them firmly and eases pressure on soft issue

Trimmed And Articulated Panels To Create A More Streamlined Fit

  • Conventional jackets are mostly rectangular with a curve around the neck because that’s cheaper to produce, but rectangles don’t fit around the curves of a dog and single piece buoyancy foam is stiff and awkward
  • Every panel on the Float Doggy is curved to mirror the shape of a dog's body
  • Each Float Doggy panel is articulated for flexibility to improve comfort and movement and give streamlined fit
  • Float Doggy panels uses different densities of foam to best balance flotation and reduce bulk
  • Independent front and rear adjustments allow for different body shapes
  • For best visibility in and around the water we made the top panels brighter and placed waterproof reflective tape on the handle right on top for beacon-like visibility
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Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Good quality

This life jacket works well and fits my dogs well. We use it for swimming therapy for my dogs (arthritis in one and partial CCL tear in the other). Neither one of them swam well when we started. For my oldest, this jacket gave her the confidence to swim. We combined it with a pool noodle to help keep her head up (she liked to jump in, but didn't like her nose going under), after about a year she only needed the life vest. She loves the water. Got a second life jacket for my boy when he needed to start. He hasn't learned to love the water, yet, but I sure like the handles which are helping me teach him how to swim. I love that the sizes are big enough (both dogs 100+ lbs each). The straps are sturdy and cinch up well to hold the jacket on.


So far the life jacket I got for my old English bulldog fits great and it does not bother him when he wears it in or out of the water. He has only swam in it twice but it seems to be holding up. This is his 5 life jacket and I hope his last one.

Dogs can easily swim with

I have a Finnish Lapphund who loves swimming, but I feel sometimes, he tires quickly which is why I bought this one. I took a size M, which fit him perfectly, and he can easily make his swim movements. The quality is pretty good. I really recommend this.

Lab M.
Nice jacket

Have a young English Lab and needed a jacket for boating - like how it goes over the head so there is no buckle on his chest- pleased with quality

Float Doggy

After trying numerous floats, Float doggy is a clear winner specially on the fit. My dog is a blue heeler and their bodies sometimes can be a little odd, short and stocky, but this vest is perfect. plenty of adjustment and my dog now is starting to love to swim, before he was afraid but now comes into the water when called.
Thanks stunt puppy!