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Stunt Runner™

$49.00 USD

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Built for the road, track, trail or sidewalk, the super-lightweight Stunt Runner™ keeps you and your dog in sync and your hands free.

The extension is adjustable and when longest can create space for running with your dog single file on trails or up and down hills. Shorten it up for close, side-by-side urban running.


  • We kept it simple, light and easy to adjust on the move
  • The D-ring on the waist belt can be moved to specific position to keep your dog in the sweet spot without tugging on the waist belt
  • Flex in the bungee section absorbs variances in stride, speed and direction
  • Length adjustment allows dogs to run ahead, out wide or behind without creating a drag or drop on the leash when running in close and accommodates taller or smaller dogs
  • Static portion provides a grab-handle
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Urban Strolls or Mountain Jaunts: Go Anywhere, Together

The Stunt Runner™ offers hands-free ease for any adventure, be it a busy city sidewalk or a peaceful mountain trail. Adjust it in a snap for the perfect fit, and enjoy the freedom of movement together.

Say goodbye to the clumsy juggle of personal items and a leash, and hello to effortless exploration with your four-legged partner

Embrace Effortless Jogs with Our Adjustable, Hands-Free Design.

Enjoy stress-free runs with your dog. Our leash lets you jog together without any pulling or tugging, making every walk or run a relaxed and enjoyable time for both of you

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Stunt runner for life

Had my previous stunt runner for 7years, literally put on 1,000s of miles with it!!! It would have kept going but my younger dog chewed the plastic clip, what a great excuse to buy a new one! Love love love the updated clasps, the adjustable length and the beautiful bright orange color!!! I love running my dog with this leash!!


Works fantastic and very comfortable. Love the bungee.

Love it, the elastic is a game changer.

Just picked this up to start running with my dog and I absolutely love it. The elastic is what I like best as my retriever is still very curious and often wants to completely stop without warning and sniff bushes whilst I'm still running at full pace! The elastic softens this perfectly. I also find that if he's running ahead and gets to the full extent, the elastic stops him jolting me forward whilst still being firm enough that it lets him help me up the slopes a bit which is always welcome ;)

I got the orange because it's my favourite colour but it's also super bright which is great for safety and looks very striking too.

The Only Leash that Supports Disabled Veterans Service Animals and their Owners!

I have a certified service dog 🐕‍🦺. This leash allows me to use my hands freely, while not impacting the movement in my lower body. The length can be easily adjusted to extend or shorten the surrounding fields of all parties involved. The clips are reinforced and will not dislodge from the animal’s collar. The bright fluorescent luminous colors are highly visible during both day and evening hours. This is my second leash in 5 years. The leash is both durable, detachable, dependable; while, being user friendly. Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Rosa M.
Favorite Leash

My favorite leash. This is the second one I’ve purchased. Had the last one for 5 years. Love the colors.