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Scout Leash™

$49.00 USD


Designed with the guidance of dog behavior nerds, walkers and trainers, the Scout Leash fulfills and promotes three of your dog’s primary instincts during walks: following, exploring and playing. And with a built-in Stash Pocket and swiveling, auto-locking carabiner, Scout makes it easy to go from city street to wilderness trail with everything you need — from poop bags and coffee money to car keys — right at hand. 

Scout’s 3 Modes

  • Explore Mode: Fully extend Scout so your dog has the freedom to explore as far as 4 ½  feet away. The bungee section provides 3 to 4 inches of flex to soften any jarring stops or directional changes. (Squirrel!)
  • Follow Mode: Shorten Scout to a static leash by clipping the buckles together so your dog can walk calmly by your side — and you'll have better guidance and control whenever you need it. 
  • Play Mode: Detach Scout from your dog’s collar or harness, then wrap it around your torso and fasten the carabiner through the handle for hands-free, off-leash playtime. Please be sure to follow all off-leash regulations and safety protocols.

Learn more about how the Scout Leash promotes your dog’s natural instincts. 

Materials & Design

  • Soft, durable, climbing-grade tubular webbing
  • Anodized aluminum carabiner that auto-locks for maximum security and swivels to minimize leash twisting
  • Duraflex® Rocklockster® buckles
  • Built-in Stash Pocket* made from sustainable deadstock ripstop nylon
  • Bar-tacked attachment points for lasting durability
*Stash Pocket is included in this item, but can also be purchased separately.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
5 K.a.a.D.
High Quality Dog Leash

Love the versatility of this leash. Components all seem high-end (i.e. durable) and I fully expect this dog leash to last for years to come. So glad that I found Stunt Puppy and would definitely recommend if you're looking for a quality product that is well made.

My new go-to leash

I absolutely love this leash and it's now replaced my old daily favourite. The length is perfect. The bungie section definitely helps when pupper tries to take off after rabbits. The Follow Mode is the perfect "traffic leash" length and it's super easy to convert it to go from, say, outside into the pet store where I need more control... and makes it handy to "compact" and hang near the door. The pouch is really convenient with the zippered pocket for bags/treats and the mesh pocket where I keep one loose bag ready for use. (I actually didn't realise the pocket was sewn in place until I received it and was initially disappointed at that, but it's turned out to be perfect.) The carabiner feels very secure as well. My *only* gripe is that I wish the carabiner were smaller. I have a medium-sized doggo (35lbs) and it's quite bulky when attached to the front of a harness, which is where she behaves best on longer walks. It's annoying for her when walking normally and even more so when she's lowering to sniff and walk at the same time. But that's really the only "bad" thing I can say. I'm actually buying another one of these right now as a backup/rotation.

Dex a.K.
Best everyday leash!

There are so many ways to use this leash! I love the capability to shorten it for when my daughter (who is shorter than me) walks the dogs. We always have poo bags and treats in the pocket, which is awesome and convenient!

Such a convenient leash!

We got this leash because we were particularly interested in it’s multiple uses/ways to wear it. Needless to say, it hasn’t disappointed us! We especially love the pouch to hold things like keys, treats, and poop bags.

My go-to leash

The scout leash has been my go-to leash for essentially everything. The stash pocket is perfect for storing bags and treats making every walk a perfect opportunity for some fun positive training using the versatility of this leash. I also love the bright orange color I got it in!