Night run? No problem

Go Dog Glo™ Stunt Runner™


Night run? No problem

Go Dog Glo™ Stunt Runner™

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Black Reflective


Enjoy hands-free control when you and your dog hit the pavement. Versatile, flexible and comfortable, the Stunt Runner™ was created specifically for—and is loved by—runners. The flexible connector piece that attaches you and your dog stretches from 37" to 50" to easily absorb slight variations in stride, and clips to an adjustable waist belt with a sliding D-Ring to keep your running partner in just the right spot. All in all, a simple, lightweight design that won't slow you down.

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“Well worth the price. High quality and has held up extremely well over the last year.”

Greta, Stunt Puppy customer


Bar Tack Stitching

We don’t glue our materials together or sew like Grandma; we stitch ’em right and tight. This super strong stitch is the same one used on climbing harnesses and firefighters’ gear.

Duraflex® Buckles

Buckles are one of the key safety features in any leash or collar. So when it comes to buckles, we don’t mess around: We use the best ones on the market. Our Weinerlock® collar buckles can handle up to 225 pounds of pull.


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