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SALE Stretch Fleece Camo

$15.00 USD



Introducing the GoldPaw Stretch Fleece, an unbelievably soft and comfortable pullover for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and activity levels. Designed right here in Minnesota for year-round indoor and outdoor use, this fleece features four-way stretch that moves with your dog and makes it super easy to put on. Use it to keep your pet warm and cozy, calm mild anxiety (or a hyper puppy), keep weight on senior animals — or even as a liner under your Stunt Puppy Puff Doggy™ or Sub Woofer™. And did we mention it's machine washable? Bring on the dirt!

Our Tips: 

  • Make sure the thick, center chest seam is on the outside (so it won’t irritate your pup in that tender area).
  • This close-fitting fleece is perfect for wear under a harness — no adjustments necessary! Bonus: it’ll reduce or eliminate any harness-related chaffing. 
  • Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.

The Material:

  • Cirrus™ Fleece — a GoldPaw exclusive from a bluesign® certified mill
  • Recycled polyester, plus 7% spandex for four-way stretch
  • Lightweight and buttery soft

Models on White Background: 

  • Bear  weighs 48 lbs and is wearing the Charcoal Stretch Fleece in size 20.
  • Louie weighs 25 lbs and is wearing the Hunter Green Stretch Fleece in size 14.
  • Greta weighs 70 lbs and is wearing the Eggplant (color discontinued) Stretch Fleece in size 20.
  • Didi weighs 9 lbs and is wearing the Red Plaid Stretch Fleece in size 6.
  • Kaiser weighs 75 lbs and is wearing the Camo (color discontinued) Stretch Fleece is size 26.
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